Teen Champions

The Phantom Gaga

Been three years after the destruction of the city of Detroit by Doctor Destroyer and his peanut shaped sized asteroid. Out of Detroit’s ashes rises a new and better city. The city of tomorrow, the city of Millennium City.

Things have calmed down since then. With the rise of Super heroes. Crime has been at a all time low. Super Villains have been quickly caught or chased out. Even the notorious Captain Kirk and his GEEK 5, have returned all the hostages. Then disappeared.

New Super Heroes have taken to the streets, from the examples set by the original Detroit City heroes. One such hero, named Candy has vowed to make the world know her love and respect for her personal hero Petros. Candy does her best to protect celebrities but bad things always seem to happen. Cars appear out of no where and try and swerve to hit who she is protecting.

A once hero has turned villain by the name Magnus. His location is unknown. He is wanted for countless murders in Millennium City and by Primus for cases of victims found with no iron in the blood stream. Careful viewers if you encounter this guy. He is known to be erratic and may act strangely.

The once self proclaimed Queen of the World. Lady Gaga has been released from custody. For good behavior and being reformed. Later this week, Lady Gaga will perform life for the first time in years along with special guests the Spice Girls.

Doctor Vector after the events of the Battle for Detroit. Stayed around and helped plan and rebuild the city. Much of the design is credited to him. After this he retired from being a superhero and is believed to be living a good life.

Spectre finally managed to prove who he really is, and has since went back into active military duty.

Artificer has not been seen since the battle. No one knows what he is currently doing.
Hellforged disappeared after the battle. No one knows what happened to him.

Petros took a break from fighting crime, and is back in the ring being your favorite bad guy wrestler. He also stars in his own comic book line.

We have a special interview with the one active super hero Ass-kicked. *The camera pans to a McDonald’s parking lot where a rather large fat man in a green and yellow scuba out fit is putting up missing posters.

Each sign says Missing Kurumu Kurono / Wildshot. Please help. The sign has a picture of Kurumu’s face, and a face picture of her in the Stormtrooper helmet. Please contact your nearest McDonald’s with information. Reward: a year’s worth of quarter pounders.

Camera pans back to the news reporter and Ass-kicked.

Miranda: Ass-kicked, what are you doing with all these posters?

Ass-kicked: Well Miranda, (in a deep voice trying to hide his real one) Kurumu or better known as Wildshot is my best friend. He is holding a quarter pounder and eating on it. With tears in his eyes, and his voice straining. She let me touch real boobs, she means so much to me. I been heart broken ever since she went missing. I thought I would help in my own way. (His voice returns to normal and sounding full of pain) Oh no, not again. With a horrified look in his eyes. He runs away in a big green blob blur leaving a trail of blood.

Miranda: Turning back to the camera, well that was interesting, and wonder what he means by not again. Then she covers her nose and says what is that terrible smell.

Then the camera turns and off in the distance a huge brown like atomic cloud appears but in the shape of a grinning cobra skull, followed by the most foul stench ever.
This is Miranda Chen, from WRJK, Channel 6 signing off. Gag, gag, gag.


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